Driving fast and almost making the next turn is a feeling everyone knows. Play a police office catching the bad guys or be a thief on the run. We have it all.

3D Micro Wars

Kill your enemies in this space sci-fi war game.

4 Wheel Madness

Drive through the track and over smaller cars on a huge four wheel truck.

4x4 Rally

Extreme 4x4 on and off road racing game, Race against 4 other drivers on ice, in cities and more.

Ace driver

Drive as fast as you can but be careful - there are allot of police cameras!

Adrenaline challenge

Armored car

Beat the meter

Pump gas on incoming cars but to not overfill them. Many cars at once.

Big truck 2

Try to deliver the goods without loosing any on the way.

Big truck adventures - Canyon run

Get the truck through the track by using turbo and try not to wreck the car!

BMW racing game

Collect moneybags but be careful, your enemies are all over and obstacles are in the way.

Bumper Ball

Bumper carts

Race the other bumper carts around as selection of tracks.

Car in Air

Avoid obstacles by steering away or jump over. Slow but fun game.

Carbon Auto Theft

Exit the parking lot before the cops arrive, but be careful not to hit anything.


Run down as many people as you can within a 90 second time frame.

City racer

Clash and slash

You are a spaceship defending your planet from incoming aliens.

Cone crazy

Hit as many cones as you can as fast as you can. The shortest time gives highest score.

Crash Test Jump

Hit the wall hard. Your goal is to get the dummy as high as possible up the wall.

Danger Wheels

Desert Rally

Drive your car through really complex levels and race against others.

Die Hard

You are the police and must chase down criminals. Look out for traffic!

Drag racer 3

Pick your car and compete in a drag race.

Drive and dodge

Drive around the track, pick up the flags and try not to hit your opponents.

Dune buggy

Drive like mad on your dune buggy, collecting the stars while avoiding the skulls.

Fast and the Furious

Drive your car extremely fast through the city and collect points.

Fast lap

Foofa Race

Fugitive Takedown

Be either a criminal running from police or the police hunting down criminals.

Funky truck

Can you drive through tracks filled with traps and hills? Try your luck.

Funky truck 3

Now you can create your own truck in this brilliant game of funky truck.

Funky truck 4WD

More grip, more slopes and more 4WD. All new Funky Truck.

Funky truck: Arizona

Go boom

Use your impressive car sound system to blow your enemies away.

Go Johnny Go

Highway heist

Ignition 2

Jam XM

KGB Hunter

Drive around and shoot cars driven by KGB agents from the Russian secret service.

Kick their ass

Krazy kar

Mad Monday

Shoot your way through traffic and do not let the police get you.

Mad Truckers

Mafia Driver

Max Torque

Drive the track as fast as you can and challange your self in time laps.

Mini moto

Mini nitros

Miniclip Rally

Monsta Truk

Drive a four wheel truck through different levels as fast as you can.

Monster truck trials

Try to finish each level on a huge four wheeler.

MuJaffa spillet

Park a lot

Park my car

Practice your parking skills in this game and use your keyboard to control the car.

Park the Pope

Parking Perfection 3

Path Finder

Drive a car and try following the road as well as possible.

Reach the goal

Rural racer

Sandstorm Racing

Drive the circle as fast as possible. The best time wins.

Six feet under

Try to reach good speed and then nail the coffin down as far as you can. Strange but fun game.


Sprint Race 3D

Reach the finish line before your opponent. Beware of traffic.

Star in a reasonably priced car

Stitch Speed Chase

Drive on snow and water and try to catch lab animals before Captain Gantu catches you.


Play tank warfare, from hot desert terrains to snow packed mountains.

Toy cars

Trailer park it

Try you skills in parking with a trailer. It is harder then it looks.

Tune ups

Turbo Spirit XT

Nice motorcycle game where you drive around three different countries and race other players.

VXR Racing game


Super bike racing on 4 different tracks based in Scotland, Florida, Switzerland and Mexico.