Small children and babies have different needs when it comes to games. We have selected the best games for small hands and new eyes we could find.

Beat the Cheese

Hit the mice that pop out with a leg of meat. Each hit gives you points.

Bob the Builder: Mucks Maze

Bob the Builder's Muck digger has to find its way through a maze. Can you help?

Bob the Builder: Scramblers Rabmle

Bob the Builder's quad bike Scrambler has to finish difficult tracks and reach the finish line.

Click and Paint

It\'s a Garfield coloring book!


Help the clowns keep their balance on the rope and look out for incoming cream cakes.

Dingle Ball

Dingle Ball, Garfield\'s best friend, likes catching ball and needs to jump to succeed. Help him out

Garfield Jumlbed Jigsaw

These jigsaw puzzles are brought to you by the world's laziest cat.


Follow the shopping list and try not to mix different colors.

James Bomb

Try to kill all of the enemies, collecting bonuses from under walls.

Lasagna from Heaven

Garfield should eat all the lasagna that falls from the sky. Look out for other things.

Lucky Ladybug

Guide the ladybug through different mazes.

Make a Hero

Mix and match body parts and accessories to create your own superhero!

Maxims day out

Help Maxim catch as many frisbees as you can, before the time expires.

Mighty Spidy

Jump the mighty spider between floors and eat flies.

Monkey lander

Collect fruits and then make a safe landing on the landing platform. Be soft and easy or crash.

Nightlight Explorer

Find matching animals with your flashlight.

Nights escape

Keep the cat away from the dogs and be careful not to hit the walls.

Pimboli game

Run Jerry Run

Jerry got the cheese and must make to his mouse hole before Tom get him.

Seaweed Safari

Dive for shells and collect as many points as possible before time runs out.

Sponge Bob Square Pants: Delivery Dilemma

Help Sponge Bob to deliver the goods to the correct places.

Spongebob Squarepants

You are SpongeBob and must complete a few levels under the sea. Get ready.

Stanley and the Cloud Critters

The Pharaohs tomb

Collect gold, avoid traps and enemies. Try to get out alive.