Flying has been man's dream for centuries. Now you can play tons of different flying games where you control helicopters, planes, spaceships, aliens, and who knows what else!

Abba the fox

Fly around and collect mail, avoid flies and flying enemies.


Air balloon

Air wolf

Aircraft Lander

Direct the aircraft by using the arrow keys and try to land on the runway.

Alpha force

You need to conquer your enemy's air and land armies all by your self.

Alpha, bravo, charlie

Safe soldiers and blow up the targets in a brilliant helicopter game.

Asteroids revenge


Shoot down incoming aircraft and spacecraft who try to attack you.

Bird Ace

Use your mouse to control the bird as he flies throught each level.

Bump copter 2

Test your chopper flying skills by solving these puzzles.



Control the helicopter with your mouse button and try not to hit the obstacles.


Use the left and right aroow keys to dodge cubes.

Dog Fight

Exo Fusion 2


Fly around, shoot down enemies and try to avoid the shots.

FlightSim X Paperplane


Use the mouse to gain altitude and let go to descend. Simple and fun.

Fly plane

Heli attack 3

Hostile skies

Invade Earth

Missing in action

Fly the airship and save as many paratroopers as possible then try to land.

Mustang Dogfight

Fly around, shoot down enemies and avoid enemy fire.

Raiden X

Old fashioned arcade game. You control a jet and must shoot down your enemies. Simple and fun.


Fly around the sky, shoot down enemies but get extra lives from friendly aircraft.

Swoop to nuts


The Wing

Volcanic Airways

You are the pilot. Try to fly your aircraft away from the incoming ash cloud.