Sports are one of the most popular things in the world. Find your favorite sporting game where you can run track, shoot targets, play football of swim to the finish line.

2D Air hockey

Accuracy shot

Shoot the hockey puck at the targets or test your skill against a pro goalie.

Against the wall

Kick-off where you must score and defend your goal.

Aggressive Alpine Skiing

Ski as fast as you can, collect stars, avoid houses and gunmen. Easy!

Air dodge

Air Hockey

Defeat all the world champions of air hockey. First to seven points wins.

Alpine freestyle

Apple Shooter

Try hitting the apple but not the stuntman. Mistakes are expensive in this sport.

B.C. Bowling

Go Bowling with Spongebob Squarepants!


Hit a home run in this 3D baseball game. You control the bat with your mouse.


Bowling game with standard scoring and great graphics.

Bowling Master


Point and click archery for one or two players.

Bowman 2

Try to shoot the arrow in your opponent by selecting the correct angle and force.


Crossing Cup

Take corner kicks and try to score but protect your goal at the same time.

Curve ball

Kind of like ping pong, but in space!

Disc golf

Frisbee golf is brilliant. Try to finish each hole under par.

Dodgeball: Target practice

Dodgeball: The five Ds

Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding

Dread rocks

Dribbel koenig

Guide the footballer through the defence and score the perfect goal.

Driving mad

Hit as often as possible on the green. Hit the birds to get more time.


Eagle eye

Shoot arrows with your mouse and finish all kinds of levels.

Eagle eye 2

Emo Soccer

Really fun soccer game, with abnormally spherical players.


Fire it up basketball

Flash Basketball

Get the ball into the hoop to collect points.

Flash Ludo

Forest challenge 2

Minigolf with 18 holes. Not as easy as you might think.

Free kick champ

Try to score from all your kicks. You have 10 shots.

Freekick Football

Goalie shootout

You are the goalie and must defend your goal. Brilliant ice hockey game.


Play golf with your mouse and try to get par on each hole.

Golf Jam

Solve all kinds of golf tasks and collect points.


Hammer throw

Throw the hammer as far as you can by using your mouse. Tricky but fun.



Keep ups 2

Try to keep the ball up as long as you can by clicking it with your mouse.



Little John's archery 2

Max Altitude

Mini pool

The aim of the game is to clear the pool table in the shortest time possible.

Mini pool 2

The Aim of the game is to clear the pool table in the shortest time possible.

Mini Putt 3

Mini putting game with interesting courses and proper scoring.

Mini putt 3

Test your point and click putting skills in this popular game.

Nordic chill: Winter sports

Office hoops

Office Minigolf

Penalty fever

Kick the ball in the net and try to win a kick off championship.

Pinch Hitter

Pitch 'n' Putt Golf

Really nice golf game from the authors of Funky Truck and TG Motocross.

Pool 8ball

A classic game of pool. Challenge a friend or play against the computer.

Power Swing

Premiere League Foosball

Control your favorite premiere league team through exciting finals.

Rat Wheel

Rats and spears


Shooting Hoops

Shopping Cart Hero 2

Try to jump as far as you can on a shopping cart.

Show jumping


Skidoo TT

Wicked cool snow-surfing game. Get round the track as quick as possible.


Jump between clouds and try not to fall to the ground.

Snowboard Stunts


Ski game where you are the slope and must draw the slope as the skier moves on.

Stan James original free kick challenge

Old school classic free kick challange.

Stan skates

Stitch Tiki Bowl

Street Skating

Street Skating 2

Striker of the month

You have 15 shots to beat the keeper with a volley. It's all about the timing.

Summer games

Go for gold in all four sports at the Summer Games.

Surfs up

Table tennis

Play table tennis in 3D and choose between three different opponents.

Table tennis 2

Ten pin bowling

Bowling is a classic. Throw the ball and hitt the cones.

Tennis ace

Play tennis and try to get the ball over hte net and hope that it will not return!

The Champions 07

Four against four where AC Milan and Liverpool fight for victory. Very fun game.

Track and field 2

Track Star

Track Star


Tres Zero

Tribal olympics 2

Twisted tennis

Virtual OL

Wakeboarding XS

Wimbledon heroes


Xtreme Cliff Diving

Jump off a cliff and dive for the sea. Fly around and collect coins and watch out for bombs

Yeti tournament

You are a Yeti and have a few games to play. Penguin baseball is the first. Ready?