Fighting is a popular sport where you have the single mission to stand up longer then your opponent. Try fighting games in all kinds of settings, characters and stories.

13 days in hell

Shoot the zombies before they get your.

2 Deep

3 Foot Ninja

Play a small Ninja which has to complete all kinds of levels.

3 Foot Ninja 2

Little Ninja is back in a brilliant fighting game.

3D Tanks


Nice game which feels allot like old MegaMan. Run through the levels and collect points.

A.L.I.A.S. 2

Age of War

Train a fighting army of stone age men.

Agent K

Aim and fire

First person shooter with many celebrities. Get as many targets as possible.

Alternate Commissar

Shoot the enemies and look out for incoming fire.


AoD: Survival

Armed invasion

Army Copter

Shoot down enemy aircraft and avoid incoming fire.

Army swat

Take out the terrorist but be careful not shoot any friendlies.

Assassination simulator

Protect and serve by hitting all your targets as soon as they appear.

Avatar Arena

Create your own character and challenge the world\'s best benders!

Battle Buggy

You are a small tank and must shoot down enemy planes and helicopters. Look out for the bombs!

Battle snake

Battle tanks


Battleships 2

An online take on an offline classic.

Black spike

Blazing squad

Tear up the paper targets before they fire at you!

Bloons TD 5

Bomb it 2

Blow your enemy into pieces before he gets you.

Bomb's away



Bow Master

Brute Wars

Bubble tanks

Bubble tanks 2

Bug time

Bullet time fighting

A fighter game inspired by the Matrix movies.

C4 Hamster challenge


Cannon blast

Canyon defence

One of the most popular games of all times now in a new version.

Castle crashing the beard

An intense platform game. Defeat Tom and his epic beard.

Castle Wars

You have two options. Build a castle 100 stories high or destroy your enemies castle.


Celebrity fight club

Fight well known stars in this first person fighting game.

Chicken hunt

Shoot the flying chicken, but don't hit the planes!

Chuck Norris: Attack of the massacre ninjas

Clone Wars Game


Brilliant shooting game. Collect items and shoot down enemy soldiers.

Crack shot

Crazy castle

Shoot at everyone who attacks your castle or else the king dies.

Crazy castle 2

Shoot all the monsters which attack you, they are trying to blow your castle.

Cursed Treasure

Defend your jewels from incoming thieves.

Damn birds


Defend your castle

Your castle is under attack. Click and drag the attackers away.

Defend your computer

Depth Charger

Desktop Tower Defense

Destroy all humans

Divine Intervention

Take down possessed people before they get you. Use your keyboard.

Duck hunt

Dynasty Street

Break into military bases and fight to the death in this intense fighting game.

Electric Man 2

Use martial arts, street fighting and superhuman powers to wipe out your opponents.

Elite force TD

Endless War 3

Brilliant game, select a war and start fighting.

Fat Ninja

Flash Element TD 2

Flash strike



Jump on top of the bar patrons but try not to bump up next to them.

Gavin - The Pro Gold Goblin 2.5

Generic Defense Game

God's playing field

You are god and tired of being nice. Play with people walking around.

Guardian Popon



Hannah vs. The Zombies

Happy and Smile

Headless Havoc

You are the scary headless havoc and must do your best to cause fear.


Hover tanks

Hover tanks 2

Human Torch

Ice Castle Blaster

Trow rocks at the ice castles and try to break them down.

Imminent II - Resilience

Shoot down incoming enemies with your turret, upgrade guns, missiles, lasers and survive.

IndestrucktoTank AE

Try to get blown up so you can bounce toward the enemy.


Get ready to launch into orbit in search of a rogue enemy satellite.


Shoot your way through a group of enemy soldiers and robots.


Kamikaze frogs

Shoot the frogs before they manage to jump on you.

King of the hill

King's win

Major Madness

Mario Combat

Super Mario with a combat twist.

Mars patrol

Micro tanks

Two tanks engage in a fierce battle. You control one of them.

Micro tanks

Microbe Kombat

Midnight Strike

You are a female fighter with a selection of weapons and must complete a few tasks.


Multiplayer Asteroids

Naval gun

Ninja Rinseout

Sneak up on you enemies and take them down before they catch you.


Try to fight through unlimited number of enemies and upgrade your player after each battle.

Overkill Apache

Overrun II

Perim Protector

Pig wars

Pixelshocks Tower Defence

Playing with fire

Blast your way to the enemy, then blast him away.

Playing with fire 2

The local neighbourhood gang are hunting you down. Blast your way to them before they kill you.

Police fury

Finish off terrorists and try to avoid them in all possible ways.

Powerfox 3

Prince of War

Prince of War 2


Qwerty Warriors

Raft Wars

Shoot your enemies before they shoot you in this turn-based shooter.

Ragdoll Invaders

Control the boneless ragdoll and try to win the robot. You have a gun but must avoid incoming shots.

Rails of war

Drive a train through war zones and solve all kinds of problems.

Rainbow Blitz

Random Defence

Red Hot Rescue

Robo Slug 2

Roly-Poly Cannon

Use your cannon to burn, drown and blow up the pesky Roly Polies!

Rufus rescue

Run as fast as you can and blow up your enemies on the way.

Saber mania

You control a laser sword and must win your opponents.

Saloon Shootout

Samurai warrior

School Invaders

Sea Assault

Sea of fire 2

Build a military base and train your soldiers to be prepared when the enemy attacks.

Shock Defense

Shooting range

Smokin Barrels

Sniper WWII

Snowball Warrior


Use snow balls to freeze your enemies. If all your units are frozen, the game is lost.

SOF Supernova 2035 DS

Soko Tank

Space invaders


Stairway 2 heaven

Stealth Hunter

Sneak as quietly as possible and get through the levels with out being seen.

Storm the House 2

Defend your house against enemy troops and build your defences as you progress.


Strategy defense 3

Keep your enemies from firing at your base and try to blow their base in pieces.

Strategy defense 4

Train soldiers to attack the enemy castle.


Super Doggy

Fly around the levels and hit evil cats with your superpowers.

Super Mario Crossover

Try playing Super Mario Bros and add a few other game heros.

Super Mario Rampage

Swords and Sandals 2

Train a fighting champion and get him to the top.

Tactical assassin 2

Sniper game where you hide out and must snipe down your enemies. Do not shoot friendlies!

Tank 2008

Tanks City

Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian 2

Territory war

Two teams who fire one after the other. The one still alive in the end wins.

The descent

Walk around the dark, climb the walls and kill evil aliens.

The endless zombie rampage

The Hulk

Demolish the city before Hulk changes into Dr. Bruce again.

The kung fu statesmen

The Professionals

The strangers

The strangers 2

The way of the exploding stick

Cool fighting game where small line men fight each other. Use your keyboard and your luck!

Thing Thing

Thing thing 2

Tiny combat

Tiny combat 2

Toast of War

Toon Crisis

Tower defence

Tower defence

Build turrets in strategic places to defend your castle.

Turret Defense 2

Shoot down incoming enemy soldiers and vehicles before they destroy your turret.

Ultimate Defense

Use archers, wizards, ninjas and dragons to keep the enemy from getting inside.

Urban Wizard

Virtual cop

War games

Complete different levels with different objectives in this all around war game.

War on terrorism

You are a soldier in Afghanistan. Fight the terrorist and move on to the next level.

Warlords call to arms

Weird Fighters

Wild Pistol

Wild wild west

Crime gang has taken over the town. You are the town's only hope.